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Software Testing

Software testing involves a series of manual and automated tests performed by a team of qualified individuals that have advanced knowledge of software, applications, programming and analytical approach to problem-solving to ensure that the software in question is free of all kinds of errors and bugs before it is released for common people.

The process of testing software for any potential flaw that may hinder its performance is not quick.

It is not an overnight process rather days of hard work are spent to find out errors that may hide between endless lines of codes.

Two Qualities All Software Testers Must Possess

You can find a lot of articles on the internet that tell you about all the skills that you must possess to pursue a career in software testing, but most of these sites never tell you the personality traits you must possess to be successful in your career.

There are two qualities that will set you apart from every other person in this line of work or any line of work for that matter. And those are determination and persistence. 

A software tester needs to possess these qualities. He or she must have the patience, persistence, and determination to find out even the smallest of errors so that the product runs smoothly and efficiently

Where to Learn Software Testing

If you want to have a career in software testing but are not familiar with the IT world or do not have any college degree related to this field, there are a lot of websites that can help you get started with the basics of software testing.

You can benefit from free online courses available for beginners. Some websites provide full online courses with certification that makes you eligible for a job as a Software Tester or a QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer.

  • Edx provides free online courses where you can learn the basics of software testing
  • Alison gives you a large variety of software testing courses to choose from based on your needs and liking. You can get a diploma or a certificate based on the course you choose to study.
  • Udacity is a great place to enhance your skillset and learn everything you need to know to catch bugs, write codes, and develop software. The site also offers free courses. It also mentions the skill level required to master the course and the time duration needed to learn it.
  • AST (Association for Software Testing) has great resources for all the software testers out there. You can also find links to their YouTube channel on their website, which can give you all the guidance you could ever need.
  • IIST (International Institute for Software Testing) is another association promoting software testing practices for free.
  • Channel 9 You can find all the answers to your fundamental questions regarding software testing on this website
  • Udemy provides a series of courses that can help you get started. 

Software Testing Difficult To Learn is a common myth that software testing is easier to learn as compared to software development as it requires lesser knowledge of programming and coding. This is not true.

Software testers require a multitude of skills to ensure the quality of the software, erase bugs and improve the efficiency of the overall software.

Not only is the role of a software tester crucial in this day and age, but it also demands a lot from the tester.

Testing is considered to be a bit difficult to learn, but basic knowledge of the working of testing tools can be acquired with online eBooks, courses and guides.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Software Testing

It depends on how many hours you are putting in daily but you can get a good idea of the basics of software testing if you study intensively for three to four months.

On the other hand, mastering your skills can take years of practice, experience, experimentation with new methods and techniques and playing around with different approaches to learn more.

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