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Mobile Application Testing?

“Mobile App Testing is a process in which all the applications developed and designed for smartphone devices like phones or tablets are tested for their usability, consistency and functionality.

Before we jump ahead towards the list of the mobile app testing tools, let’s discuss some of the key factors involved in testing.

  • Any single tool might not be enough to test several features of an app.
  • Functionalities should be checked out clearly through the process of automation testing before the test phase starts.
  • In case of a specific tool’s failure, backup tools should be kept ready.
  • The testing tool selected should be conversed with the testing team and with the other third party in that project.

Mobile Testing Tools:

Appropriately planned automated Testing could minimize the time required for the process of testing and the possibilities of errors by humans during the execution of testing.

There are countless Mobile Testing tools available in the market and every tool is exclusive, holds some special characteristics.

In order to test an application, the availability of a wide range of testing tools makes it difficult to choose the best one amongst them.

We have compiled a list of top 5 best Mobile App Testing Tools based on their popularity.

1. TestComplete

TestComplete Tool Website

Developed by SmartBear, TestComplete is one of the most popular UI automation testing tools today in the market. TestComplete offers you to sustain, perform and create test scripts for Mobile Devices, Websites and Desktop apps. By using TestComplete, a tester could gain test analysis and ensure a battle-tested and high-quality software.

Tool’s Features:

  • This tool works both for, Android and iOS applications.
  • This tool creates a testing script very easily which could be recorded on a single device and after that can be executed over multiple numbers of devices.
  • Save your time of maintaining and creating tests with the use of AI-powered visual recognition and UI elements in recognizing dynamic UI elements.
  • You can get information on real-time from a single interface about the status and the progress of your mobile UI test.

2. Kobiton

Kobiton Website

Kobiton displays itself as a smartphone experience platform in the market, instead of a mobile application testing platform. It’s because Kobiton provides a unified experience to its testers by its testing procedure. Along with the fact that Kobtion is operative on both Android & iOS, it works the same as icing on a cake.

Tool’s Features:

  • Unified testing logs for the amplified association between various teams of that testing process.
  • For further effective testing access to modern devices through the cloud labs.
  • Appium supported.
  • Health-check for any mobile applications immediately. This is achieved by automated execution of the test on real-devices and by getting recommendations to make the experience of user’s better through all devices.

3. TestProject:

Supercharging Selenium and Appium with TestProject - Paul Grossman ...
TestProject Site

TestProject is the first free automated cloud-based testing platform in the world that allows users to test IOS, Web and Android applications on almost all the operating systems, easily. Cooperate with the team using Appium and Selenium to confirm excellence with speed. Use high-tech built-in recording abilities.

Tool’s Feature:

  • Don’t have complex configurations or setups
  • No need for coding skills to make a start
  • Reuse and Share add-ons along with your entire team and community
  • Have a comprehensive report dashboards

4. MonkeyTalk

Monkey Talk | Learn Testing
MonkeyTalk Tool

An open-source tool MonkeyTalk could be utilized for the purpose of testing both Android and iOS apps. The tool contains three sectionsthe scripts, the IDE and the operator. It is quite easy to learn and have a simple setup. Irrespective of its easiness, Monkey Talk could control everything, starts from a little smoke testing to the difficult data-driven testing suitable for web-based, hybrid and native apps.

Tool’s Features:

  • It can automate functional testing for iOS and Android applications.
  • This tool doesn’t need any detailed programming or scripting information.
  • Both HTML and XML reports could be developed with this tool, it also takes screen capture with the happening of any failure or error.
  • For constant integration, this tool also contains inbuilt support for Hudson and Jenkins.

5. Squish by FrogLogic

Squish Tool Website

Squish is very efficient in solving your application testing automation tasks for both iOS and Android. Features of this tool support the automated testing of individual native Mobile Applications/mobile Web Applications along with the mixture of both as well. Squish tests could run on all smartphone device emulators & several real devices with no changes, because of Squish’s stable and unique method of object identification.

Tool’s Features:

  • Modern gesture support.
  • Ready to perform Testing in Cloud.
  • Support embedded website content.
  • Source and CI control combination.

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