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Introduction of Automation Testing:

“Automation testing is an effective technique used to perform software testing employing automated tools to compare the real results with the predicted outcomes.

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Following is a list of Top 5 best Automation Testing Tools used by professional testers:

1) Selenium

Selenium – Website

Selenium is on Number 1 among all the automated testing tools in the market. You can execute selenium in multiple operating systems and different browsers.

“This tool is also compatible with different programming languages and several automated testing frameworks.”


  • By using selenium a tester could come up with an efficient browser-centered testing script that is scalable across various environments.
  • A tester could also open doors that are very helpful for regression testing, exploratory testing, and reporting of bugs.

Selenium is an open-source tool and you can download selenium by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about selenium then we have a detailed article for you on Selenium Testing Tutorial for Beginners.

2) Ranorex

Ranorex Webpage

Ranorex is an all-in-one testing tool used for website, desktop and mobile app testing by more than 4000 companies around the world.

“With its codeless click-and-go interface this tool is very easy for the beginners. But for automation experts it is powerful with a complete IDE.


  • Reliable for the identification of object and web elements along with dynamic IDs.
  • To minimize the test maintenance it offers reusable code modules.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser testing.
  • Testing in parallel or by using selenium built-in WebDriver can be distributed over Selenium Grid.
  • Customizable testing report.
  • Associate with tools like Git, TestRail, Jenkins, Jira and more.

You can click here to start 30 days free trial on Ranorex studio.

3) Worksoft

Worksoft Site

For SAP & non-SAP applications testing if we consider the “gold standard”, worksoft provides matchless support for cloud and website applications with out-of-the-box pre-build optimizations for over 250 generally used cloud and web applications.

“Worksoft fulfills the requirements of a large number of enterprises by offering the code-free continuous automated testing platform.”


  • Uniquely verified the business driver approach along with the experience of customers.
  • For blinded and packaged application landscapes, it is capable to perform complex end-to-end business process testing.
  • For the mission-critical apps code-free solution ensure excellency of business processes that could be leveraged across the type of users.
  • Out-of-the-box investigations by using testing tools, DevOps toolchains, and ALM systems.
  • Documentation capability and stand-alone automatic discovery.

You can visit worksoft website here.

4) ZeuZ Automation Testing Framework

Zeuz Automation Testing Tool

“ZeuZ is a very efficient automated testing framework used for API, desktop, mobile, web, and cloud applications.

You can create all the complex workflows on every platform just in a single step by using ZueZ, an all-in-one, easy to use, and scriptless tool.

It is integrated with CD/CI tools like TeamCity, Jenkins, GIT, GIT, JIRA and many others, support continuous testing.

Click here to get the services of ZeuZ 


  • Supports a hundred percent scriptless, low learning curve.
  • One platform covers all, a combination of cloud, API, desktop, mobile, and web apps.
  • CD/CI ready, for example, associate with DevOps tools.
  • Rich notifications and reports along with logs and screenshot.
  • Efficient debugging and troubleshooting tools.
  • Performance and Stress Testing.
  • Audio, video, image testing and compression.
  • On-demand resources, extensive support, how-to videos, etc.
  • Customizable on a high level with libraries and custom quotes.

You can visit ZeuZ automated testing framework website here.

5) Testimony

“Testimony provides you an efficient technique of Robotic Testing Automation (RTA) to perform SAP app’s regression testing.”

Developed by basis technologies. Designed especially for SAP software is a unique automated testing platform that is just part of DevOps.

Enterprises are always welcome to run regularly with Testimony, a comprehensive regression testing tool for all SAP releases to make sure the security of business-critical processes and systems and to avoid costly distributions of businesses.


  • Regression testing could be performed much faster & more often.
  • Eliminate test data management and test scripts.
  • Automatically update, implement, and generate test libraries.
  • Boost of the delivery of updates, projects, upgrades, and innovations.
  • The shifting regression test left to increase the efficiency of development.
  • Reduce the expenses of liberating functional experts and testing.

You can visit the official website of Testimony By Click Here.

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