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Introduction of Performance Testing:

Performance testing is one of the types ofsoftware testing which makes it sure that the app is performing its function efficiently under a specific load.

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The main goal of this testing is not just to find out bugs and errors but also to remove performance blockages. The quality attributes of a system are measured by this testing which includes:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Stability

Further, if you’re looking for testing services like performance testing of your application you can head over to our Services Page for more details.

Now let’s talk about the best performance testing tools in detail.

1) LoadNinja:

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Load Ninja

It provides the testers an ability to create sophisticated, script-less load testing and facilitate them by reducing their time to half.

LoadNinja replaces the load emulator with the real browser by getting browser-based, actionable matrices at high speed.

Without removing the efforts of script scrubbing, scrape translation, and dynamic correlation load Ninja allows a team to enhance their testing coverage.


  • Script-less and payback load testing creation.
  • Performance testing executes on a real browser.
  • Real-time debugging buy VU debugger.
  • Activities of real uses are managed by the VU inspector in real-time.
  • This tool is hosted on the cloud.
  • Reporting and analytics features.

2) Apache JMeter:

You can measure and analyze the performance of several services by their load testing with the use of JMeter which is an open-source tool. JMeter is mainly utilized for websites and web apps.


  • Many load injectors that are managed by one controller are supported by JMeter.
  • JMeter supports all Java-based applications and is highly portable.
  • Low scripting efforts than other testing tools.
  • Load statistics can easily be analyzed by using simple graphs and charts.

3) Webload:

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Webload along with the main features like load generation console, sophisticated analytics dashboard, and comprehensive ID is an enterprise-scale load testing tool. This is used for mobile and Web load testing analysis tools from a software RadView.


  • Create a flexible testing scenario.
  • Major website technologies can be supported by this tool.
  • The correlation engine is very powerful.
  • Automated bolt-neck detector.
  • Load generates in the cloud or premise.
  • Native JavaScript.

4) LoadUI:

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Load UI

With the use of loadUI you can perform scriptless sophisticated load testing efficiently, allocate them to the agents using load on the cloud.

You can also check the performance of the servers when you increase their load. You can quickly automate your testing and can have access to all the detailed reports by load.


  • Creation of scriptless load testing.
  • Load testing templates like smoke stress baseline spike are pre-configured.
  • Load testing can be drag and drop on agents there on the cloud.
  • Statistics features and sophisticated analytics for reporting.
  • Functional tests are quickly converted.

5) LoadView

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Load View

This tool performs browser-based Performance testing for APIs, web applications, and websites. Interaction of user along with the application website can be simulated by multi-step scripts created by LordView.

LoadView provided by Dotcom-Monitor can show the real performance of your app under load testing.


  • Cloud-based Performance testing is performed in an actual browser.
  • Rich Internet apps are supported by loadView.
  • Without touching code lines build test strips easily and quickly.
  • Compatibility of testing on mobile devices & browsers.
  • Ensure stability and identify bottlenecks.
  • Reports and performance metrics that could be shared with several internal stakeholders.

6) NeoLoad:

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Neo Load

It is an advanced load testing tool that is designed to automate test analysis, maintenance and design for DevOps and Agile terms. To support performance testing it is integrated with constant delivery pipelines.


  • Fast testing creation is enabled by automated testing design.
  • For automated testing runtime integrated with IC services.
  • Consist of reports and shared testing scripts.
  • Hybrid on cloud load generation from 70 global localization.

Click here to visit NeoLoad.

7) LoadRunner:

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Load Runner

LoadRunner a tool by Micro Focus is utilized for application testing to measure the performance and behavior of systems under a specific load. Thousands of users can be simulated by this tool who are using the app simultaneously.


  • Lower cost of software and hardware by precisely predicting the capacity of the system.
  • Correctly and rapidly predict the main cause of problems in application performance.
  • Effective tracking of tool utilization.
  • Load generator farm optimal uses and browser-based access to testing resources worldwide.

8) Silk performer:

This is an enterprise-class stress and load testing tool, capable to test multiple apps along with thousands of simultaneous users support the broadest range of protocols.


  • Minimum resources of hardware are required.
  • Modifiable virtual users can be simulated.
  • Integrated server monitoring is supported.
  • It provides consumer-friendly licensing.
  • Parameterization and production are user friendly.
  • Controllers do not need any license requirements.
  • Project approach of this handless load testing.

9) AppLoader

Business applications are usually tested under specific load by using AppLoader. You could test any app by reproducing a similar experience from your every access point.


  • Complete business flow can be tested.
  • The interaction of the user with your application is replicated.
  • While using your application scripts are robotically created.

10) SmartMeter.io

Description: C:\Users\Khizar Hayan\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (44).png

JMetrec’s alternative SmartMeter is used to fix all the drawbacks. It provides an easy script-less testing scenario with the use of so-called Recorder, lets the tester perform some advanced editing for the test.


  • Script-less testing scenario.
  • The automatic evaluation provides comprehensive reporting.
  • It runs GUI testing along with real-time results.
  • This tool is CD/CI ready.

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