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What is Automation Testing?

“The process of automation testing is a technique to examine and compare the estimated outcome with the actual outcome. This could be attained by writing test scripts or by using some automated testing tool”.

Automation testing could bring a lot of profits to the cycles of mobile & web application testing, by allowing us to build some better applications with very less effort. This type of testing needs a shorter interval of time for showing its performance results as well!

The Key Benefits of Test Automation:

Automation testing increases the total software efficiency and confirms software excellence and quality. Certain tools could efficiently perform automated testing cases and assist in both actual & expected consequences.

In this process, automation testing assures the proficiency of the software without concerning manual or repeated interventions. One of the major business benefits of automation testing is that it could be executed several times with the least effort and high accuracy.

1. Fast Feed-back: 

The Process of automated testing is a release for validation in different project stages of software.

  • This enhances the communication between designers, product owners, coders and also allows instant modification of possible glitches.
  • Automated testing guarantees the efficiency of the development team in a way of facilitating rapid feedback cycles.

2. Quick results: 

  • Due to the fast operation in the process of automated testing, a big amount of testing time has been saved for both enormous and intricate systems.
  • This process allows the testing to carry out frequently, bringing faster outcomes every time with minimum time and effort.

3. Compact Business Expenditures:

  • It is not surprising that during the early stages investment might be on a higher side, the process of automated testing saves a very big cost of the corporations.
  • This is mainly due to sharp reduction in the time phase that enhances the efficiency and cuts the cost.
  • It enhances the quality of testing

4. Upgrading of Testing Efficiency:

  • The Process of testing covers an important part of the overall app development life-cycle.
  • This goes to express that even the least enhancement of the total efficiency could make a huge alteration to the whole time frame of that project.
  • Even though initially the setup takes a longer time.
  • The process of automated tests ultimately takes up lesser volumes of time. They could be run almost unattended and leave the results to be checked by the end of the testing.

5. Higher Test Coverage Entirely:

  • Through the application of automation testing, a large number of test cases could be executed.
  • It would result in higher test coverage, which would otherwise require a large team.

6. Automated tests Reusability:

  • Because of the repetitive nature of test cases in the process of automation testing, developers have the chance to evaluate the outcome of the program.
  • Moreover to the comparatively easy setup configuration. The automated test process is reusable therefore, it can be used with various approaches.

7. Efficiently Detect The Defects:

  • Testers would find the identification of flaws in the web/mobile application much easier.
  • This assists in increasing the total speed of development while confirming accurate functionality through areas.
  • When the bug is recognized initially, the more it will be cost-effective to fix it.

8. Sufficient for Testing:

  • Testers require various testing techniques and the areas on which they emphasize might vary because of their expertise & exposure.
  • So because of the automation, there is a focus of testers on all the areas of the testing process, so ensure the best quality.

9. Quicker Time-to-market:

  • Automation testing is very helpful in the reduction of time-to-market of an app by continuous test execution.
  • Automated once, the test performance is faster & runs efficiently in comparison with manual testing.

10. Security of Information: 

  • The quality of test data you are using leads to the efficiency of testing. Manual testing data require some time & as a result, the process of testing is performed on live database copies.
  • Automation testing is helping in protecting, manipulating and creating that test database. It will allow a tester to reuse its data anytime.


To sum it all up, we can easily say that Automation Testing can result into quicker outcomes, cost reductions and saving of resources, thus boosting productivity and maximization of profits.

Yet, knowing all the benefits of Automation Testing, some organizations still don’t readily embrace this practice completely.

One of the reasons behind this hesitation of companies is the initial cost involved in the configuration of the automation testing process, of course Automation Testing saves cost but after its complete setup. There is still an element of resistance in way, coming from a place of uncertainty, doubt and fear.

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