Performance Testing

Are you confident about your application's efficiency?

Performance Testing Services?

Performance testing is all about current state of a software system and help to forecast its operating charges in the future. BugEspy works to make our client confident about their products and creativity while ensuring complete stability.

BugEspy performance testing is about more than simply challenging the product or finding a quick bug fix. We help businesses run their software smoothly by conducting a full spectrum of performance testing services for web, mobile and desktop applications.

We can give our clients high-quality testing services based on our expertise. We are ready to offer a free trial period to ensure our professionalism. You will be assured during this trial period that you have picked the right organization for performance testing.

Why Do You Need Performance Testing?

The world is moving at a faster pace than anticipated and requires different types of developmental measures. However, if you happen to encounter any or all of the following, you definitely need our services:

  • The app is slow
  • You are expecting a large influx of users on the application
  • To check how the website will perfrom under pressure
  • To ensure your app saves all information after restarting
  • You plan to go live soon and you don't want to disappoint your clients due to poor performance.

Types Of Performance Testing Services

Simple Perfromance Testing

This is a code check that can determine how quickly the application can operate with the planned workload and how stable it will be.

Load Testing

This type of testing measures how long the application would work under increase load.​

Stress Testing

This type of testing allows us to measure how will the application work with the maximum amount of user coming in at a constant rate.

Scalability Testing

It regulates the ability of the system to satisfy an increasing need and can be achieved on hardware, software, or database.

Our Designated Performance Testing Strategy

Most testing companies conceal the testing process in its entirety. Our company is entirely open and willing to submit a complete report on our work processes.

  • We ensure to cover the maximum API requests possible
  • We create complex scenarios which mimic real time user interactions
  • We aim to run simple threads which include massive data types
  • Solutions are moved to cloud for simpler operations
  • Servers are monitored constantly during every testing phase
  • Reports for all tests and results are transparent and comprehensive
  • We run thousands of API requests at different time intervals or simultaneously
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