Penetration Testing

Security testing can be challenging. It involves devoted practice, continuous education, ongoing discipline and high-quality resources.

Penetration Testing Services?

A penetration test is an intended effort to reveal fundamental security vulnerabilities that could disrupt the integrity of the program and end up jeopardizing the user's data. Often, it is important to examine your products in the real world and realize that how hackers can exploit your vulnerabilities.

Sometimes it's important to look at your services in a real world and know that how hackers could abuse your weaknesses. BugEspy offers the best penetration testers to mimic real-world attacks on your devices to protect you.

What Are The Benefits Of Penetration Testing?

  • Increased security and awareness for your organization
  • Reveal vulnerabilities and showcase real risks
  • Check the cyber defence capabilty of your organization
  • Follow regulations and certifications
  • Make sure continuity of business and achieve customer faith and trust

Types Of Security Testing Services We Perform

Network Service Tests

The network service test is the most common type which is often performed by different testing agencies around the world. It aims to identify vulnerabilities and shortcomings in the clients' network infrastructure. As the network can be accessed both internally and externally, tests are required both locally on and off the client's website.

Web Application Tests

This is also a very rigorous and comprehensive checked study. In this type of pen checking areas including web applications, plugins and their modules such as ActiveX, Applets, plug-ins and scripts are included. Since the test examines the end points of each web application that a user may need to interact regularly, thorough planning and time investment are required.

Client Side Tests

The entire aim of this penetration testing form is to find errors which occur locally. The common example includes a flaw in the software application which is running on a user’s PC which can also be exploited by a hacker.

Wireless Network Tests

The purpose of this test is to examine the wireless devices stationed on the client site. The catalogue of devices includes things such as tablets, laptops, notebooks, iPods, smartphones, etc.

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