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Mobile Application:

The mobile application is a vast term that includes three categories of mobile applications.

  • Mobile web applications
  • Hybrid applications
  • Native applications

The need for Mobile Application Testing:

Mobile applications also fall under the umbrella of software. Just like the software they also need to be tested before they are released. If an application does not meet the quality standards it is highly unlikely for it to make it to the app store.

  • Mobile application users take no time to uninstall an application that is full of bugs and crashes.
  • Mobile applications that have a slow response and take a lot of time to load are also not entertained by users.
  • The mobile applications that have bad user reviews barely get installed by new users.

To prevent all such situations mobile applications should be tested by professional software testers to make sure a bug free application makes it to the store. If you want to get your mobile applications tested BugEspy is the best place to be. You can also visit our website by clicking here.

Tips For Mobile App Testing:

Even if you are a professional mobile application tester you still need to follow some tips if you want to perform successful testing of a mobile application.

Connectivity of Mobile App:

  • A mobile application tester should first make sure that there are no connectivity problems with the application.
  • Connectivity problems can cause great trouble if an application is released without checking it.
  • Internet connectivity is the basic pre-requisite for the application to run properly.

Repeated Testing:

  • Nowadays repeated testing is adopted by every software tester.
  • Repeated testing removes any chances of bugs and errors in an application.
  • To check the reliability of an application software testers make it go through software testing.

Testing The Design of Mobile App:

  • Mobile app testers make sure that the design of the mobile app is user-friendly.
  • The design of an application decides whether the application is going to be popular among the users or not.
  • User-Friendly interface design is the topmost priority for software testers to give a word to release the application.

Security Testing:

  • In today’s world, all that a user is concerned about is the security of his data.
  • Mobile phones have super sensitive information.
  • If an application without security screening makes it to the user’s mobile phone then a hacker can easily exploit this flaw.
  • Therefore thorough security testing of a mobile application should be done.

Making Use of Appropriate Tools:

  • To perform successful testing of any mobile application appropriate tools must be used.
  • If the tools designed for website testing are being used for mobile app testing then results can differ.
  • For effective mobile app testing, a professional and skilled tester must be hired that has all the information regarding the tools used for mobile app testing.

Optimization of Application:

  • As a software tester, you should try to make sure that the application you are testing runs smoothly.
  • The performance of an application matters a lot to an end-user.
  • You should make the application go through a series of tests to optimize its performance.

User Experience:

  • User Experience is the ultimate card for you to win the hearts of users and make the application popular.
  • The quality of the application should be repeatedly checked to make sure a user never faces any quality issues with the mobile application.
  • A good software tester puts himself at the place of a user and makes sure that a user gets the best experience out of an application.

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