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Whether you’re new to Software Testing or have been working on it for a while, learning in this field never stops. Software testers are always updating their knowledge as they have to deal with everyday emerging technologies and also develop communication with developers and designers.

As the technology is changing by the day, Software Testers need to keep educating themselves about the latest tools and techniques.

In this article we’ll discuss few steps on how to start Learning Software Testing and also on how to keep yourself in sync with the everyday updates.  

Your Interest In Software Testing:

Are you passionate about Software Testing? If you don’t have an answer to that, then like every other field, you must “try it to know it”.  

The prerequisite to learn software testing is your mindset and the urge you have to learn this skill.

Because this is not going to be an easy task, prepare yourself for the sleepless nights.

One should take some time out and ask himself the following questions.

  • Can I dedicate enough time to learn this skill?
  • What type of Software Testing would I start first? (read more about types of software testing)
  • What’s my action plan?

When you are done asking yourself these questions. You must have developed a stronger urge to find the answer to these questions by challenging yourself and making yourself learn a new skill.

Where to Start? Let’s Plan.

Now that you’re ready to invest in the hours, let’s start with the very start.

Here are a few basics to start from if you’re new to the field:

  • Basic knowledge of Programming
  • Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Types of Software Testing
  • Choose a Type of Software Testing to Start (suggestion: Automation Testing)
  • Tools to be used for that type of Software Testing

Consider the steps above and create an actionable plan to follow.

Understand your role as a Software Tester

Software testing does not necessarily always involve just using the software, it also involves digging out the errors.  

Being a software tester you always have to put yourself on the place of a customer. It is all about viewing the potential of the software and how the consumer would be able to easily navigate through the product.

Since the customers are the consumers of software so a software tester plays the role of a stakeholder in this case. The reputation of the software, the developer and the company all comes down to the software tester.

Software testing can be briefly summed up by the following points.

  • To verify whether the software meets the expectations of its consumers.
  • To investigate any errors or flaws in information transmission.
  • To become aware of and rectify any problems before the software is released for consumers.

Start Learning – eBooks & Courses

To have a grip over any course or skill one has to read all the content related to it.

If a person wants to have a good grip over software testing then he can buy hard copies of books from any book store or read ebooks about software testing too.

Following are some online courses you can join for learning Software Testing:

  • Learn Software Testing From Scratch – Udemy
  • Software Testing Tutorial Free Course – Guru99
  • How to make Software Fail – Udacity

Following are some eBooks you can read on Software Testing:  

Keeping It Organized

A software tester can’t just start from any point in the software and roam around to see if things work, it can work at times but to be foolproof, you’ve got to be organized.

A good software tester would always have a defined starting point and an ending point of the testing process. All the tasks between those two ends are pre-planned.  

Stay Updated – Become Social

One of the basic ways to stay updated is to be social among the software professionals’ community. This way you can learn more about the latest trends and emerging technologies that people are actually talking about.

You can join Facebook groups that are specifically made for software related professionals.

Similarly, you can follow twitter accounts of the companies and professionals to know their whereabouts.

Practice makes perfect

You cannot master any skill or any job unless you do it over and over and practice it. The same goes for software testing. If you want to learn software testing you have to go out there and just get things done. You have to practice software testing to be able to master it.

Testing can be done online as well as you can take advice from professionals in this field and start off with them.

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