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If you are looking fora Quality Assurance Service Provider company or a Software Testing Company to outsource your Automated or Manual testing work, this article will prove to be very useful. This article will help you in the selection and assessment of the right QA outsourcing company for you. 

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance (QA) is a systematic approach to examining an application, software, or a product, to confirm the quality of functions of that Application or Software. It guarantees that the product is meeting with all the requirements of the user.

In the world of the software, quality products are attained by the help of Quality Assurance Qualified Specialists, who examine the software thoroughly to identify all the errors and bugs in them before launching them to the market.

What is Outsourcing?

Usually, outsourcing means getting service from the exterior organization or the use of external resources.

  • A lot of big corporations outsource their own businesses, like HP, Google, Apple & so many others.
  • They select a location somewhere the labor is very economical, but human capital skill is acceptable.
  • Countries like India, China, Ukraine, Pakistan are typically targeted by these big corporations for outsourcing.

Finding QA Partner:

In order to find the right Quality Assurance Company for you in the industry of software testing, the most crucial part is to select a QA partner with the relevant domain experience and technology that could meet all the specific needs of your business.

Now the main question is how we can find the best Quality Assurance Outsourcing Company to work with us.

While selecting a Quality Assurance outsourcing company these factors can play an enormous role in your project success:


  • You would probably tend to select a QA outsourcing company with the minimum rates but make sure it’s without compromising on the quality of the service.
  • The pricing shouldn’t be the only component in your consideration while selecting your QA and testing partner.


  • It is very significant to handle variations and fluctuations for all (SaaS) based Applications and Products.
  • Before the selection of a Quality Assurance company, get it confirmed that they are skilled enough to handle sudden and abrupt changes in the requirements of testing.

Communication & Management:

  • A good company with experience of handling clients is always very communicative and knowledgeable about their particular field.
  • Before any conclusion, interact with the outsource company in detail to judge their capabilities of communication along with how responsibly they reply to your inquiries.

Software Testing Expertise:

If you are required to outsource a big project, you should try to look for a corporation that presently has a team of experienced professionals with the particular expertise that you’re looking to outsource. Also ask for any references they can give for any similar kind of a project they’ve completed successfully, talk to their previous employer/partner about their review.

  • Your partner should have experienced and qualified staff to carry out your QA services smoothly and efficiently.
  • Good companies are typically very reputable in the market.
  • Before the selection of any company for QA Testing, you must check out its preceding experience with the customers in the same industry.

Certified QA Services:

This is vital for the testing of your software because certified professionals know the right techniques and testing procedures compulsoryfor international standard Software Quality Assurance Testing, along with the knowledge of all other essentials for effective completion of the tasks.

Company’s Basic Information:

  • Now this might sound very obvious, but the details, mission, and vision of the company matters a lot in a partnership of a long time.
  • The company details like “about us page on their website” let’s you understand the added values they will be offering.
  • QA Outsourcing companies with long term strategies and goals, will be determined to provide you with great customer service and adding values to improve your business.

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