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Whenever a software or an app is developed by a developer or a company it has to go through a software testing phase. In order to make any software feasible for professional or commercial use, a software tester plays an important role.

The software tester serves as a quality assurance for the specific software. He/she acts like a consumer and gives valuable opinion, upon which, the credibility of software depends.

A software tester makes the software go through a series of tests. He/she documents the flaws and response of the software and submits it to the development team.

A software tester acts as a bridge between the developer and the consumer. This bridge has to test the durability and reliability of the developed software. If there is any flaw at the end of the software-developer then it needs to be pointed out and even rectified by the software tester.

It is absolutely the responsibility of a software tester to provide error-free software to the consumer.

Tasks of A Software Tester

  • To test software for errors and stability.
  • Remove error scripts and point out the flaws.
  • To perform a manual as well as automated software testing.
  • Develop new strategies and analyze the software.

If you want to become either a full time or a part-time software tester, then you must be astonished by what software testers make and what you can expect to make in 2020.

If we want to sum up software testing then it can be said that it is all about bug bashing and fixing codes to make the software work and let it do what it is exactly designed to do.

You can work in almost any software related industry if you possess this skill.

Interesting Facts About Software Testers

  • 73% of software testers are male
  • 63% of software testers have between 1-4 years experience with only 10% having more than 10 years in the specific field.
  • Career development in this field can be limited.
  • The highest-paid are the ones in the sales and banking and finance sectors.

An Overview of Software Tester Salaries

The average software tester salary is around £45,000 per annum. This figure can vary depending on the experience of the software testers.

Fresh and younger professionals are usually paid far less than the more experienced software testers.

Average Software Tester Salaries:

ITJobswatch= £37,500

Glassdoor= £25,712

Payscale= £24,982

Key Skills Used By Software Testers

Like Web Developers, Software Testers usually have a generally specific skill set they use within their role.

The most popular skills include:

  1. Test Planning
  2. SQL
  3. Automation
  4. C#
  5. Acceptance Testing
  6. Agile
  7. Design
  8. Java
  9. Applications
  10. Embedded

As you know that average salaries are always a subject to debate while analyzing salary reports but with the averages given above and good experience, you can expect the numbers as given earlier in this article.

Year-on-year pay for Software tester jobs has gone down 4.4% year-on-year, compared to an annual change of -1.9% for all jobs.” Adzuna

Related Jobs For Software Testers

  • Software Test
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Automation Test Analyst
  • Developer in Test
  • Test Analyst
  • Senior Test Analyst
  • Software Testing
  • QA Analyst
  • Test Manager
  • Test Architect
  • Project Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Systems Engineers
  • Automation
  • Quality Assurance

If we look at what software tester makes an hour it can be easily quoted as 45$/hr. If a person first starts off as a software engineer/developer then goes for software testing he might earn up to $82,212.

Like other fields, this salary structure increases as one gains more and more experience in this field.

The project managers at software testing who were themselves at some point in their lives worked as software testers, do make huge earnings.

Their income can range from $136,144 to $154,267.

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