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One of the basic steps before getting your software tested is to calculate its cost. The cost is calculated while keeping in mind the benefits that you are going to get after the software is released in the market.

Questions That Come In Mind While Calculating The Cost:

  • Under what conditions the software testing costs are high?
  • Under what conditions the software testing costs are low?
  • What amount should be spent on Software Testing?
  • What amount should be kept aside for a dedicated QA team?

Measuring the cost of testing: 
The cost of software testing includes the measurement of all kinds of costs.

Sr. Direct Costs of Testing (Indispensable Costs) Indirect Costs of Testing (Due to Poor Testing)
1 Reviews Rewriting programs
2 Program testing Recovery
3 Systems testing Corrective action costs
4 Acceptance testing Re-keying data
5 Test planning and design Failures
6 Computer time Analysis meetings
7 Test resources Debugging
8 Cost of Terminals, staff Re-testing
  • Some testing work is carried out in parts such as unit testing, design testing and a lot of work is performed during the systems test that is not being tested, for example, training, analysis, deficiency in documentation, conversion and debugging etc.
  • Careful analysis usually reveals that actual software testing costs usually lies between 15 to 25 percent of the total project cost.
  • Many project managers feel that the software testing costs are much higher to the tune of 50 percent of the cost of a project.
  • Some software testers mistakenly treat all project expenditures after programming as a testing cost.
  • While it is true, for many projects, that a good way to estimate final total cost is to take actual expense into account through the programming phase and double it, it is quite untrue that most of the cost after programming is the result of software testing.

Determining software testing costs is a crucial first step to planning any improvement initiative and justifying the investment. An estimate of the amount being spent to test and measure quality, as well as the cost of rework or corrections, is absolutely essential.

  • As a percentage of total development, direct software testing costs will approach 25 percent. Indirect testing costs, or the costs of poor testing, are usually at least twice the direct costs and maybe spectacularly higher. The summed up total cost of software testing in most organizations is sufficiently large enough to catch the attention of any manager.
  • Once the costs of poor testing have been estimated, justification of the problems should disappear. The management should expect to see a return on the testing improvement investment. The benefits can be traceable this way and the results become visible.

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