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Selenium is a famous open-source tool that is used to perform automated testing. We can perform load regression and functional testing on web applications using Selenium across various browsers and different platforms. It is a fact that Selenium is the finest tool but there are also some drawbacks in it.

Here we have listed a few tools that are strong competitors to Selenium in the market.

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1) TestCraft

It is a codeless Selenium Automation Testing platform. Unique virtual modeling with innovative AI technology allows fast execution and test creation while abolishing test maintenance. You can create a complete automated testing scenario without any coding. The testers can find errors quickly, release frequently and improve their digital product’s quality.


  • Do not require any programming skills to allow you to make automatic testing.
  • The maintenance cost is sufficiently reduced. Because of AI mechanism scripts are adjusted automatically. Big changes can be adopted just with some clicks.
  • Provide instant time to value. Easy to master and do not need to install (SaaS).
  • Developed by community leverage modules and fast integration.

2) HeadSpin

It is the first intelligence connected platform in the world that provides us mobile, web, 5G and IoT solution to unify analytics monitoring and testing across the network devices and applications. For the success of digital business, Headspin provides a platform for development operations, product teams and QA to improve the connected experience.


  • Access to 300+ devices across 30 different countries on the device cloud.
  • Remote debugging.
  • Original SIM-enabled in both IOS and Android devices.
  • Parallel testing 500+
  • Automation
  • Location testing
  • Regression testing
  • Code profiling and local debugging.

3) Squish

Squish is an automated testing tool that is being used by 3000 companies all over the world for automatic personal regression testing along with system testing of Human Machine Interface HMIs and Graphic User Interface GUIs. This automated testing tool is a hundred percent cross-platform tool.


  • All the major technologies of GUI are deeply supported.
  • In-depth support for all web mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Recording of the test script.
  • Reliable and powerful objects are verified and identified.
  • Do not depend on virtual appearance or screenshots.
  • A very strong (IDE), Integrated Development Environment.
  • A large range of famous script languages for script testing.
  • Strongly supported for BDD Behavior Driven Development.
  • Command-line tools provide full control.
  • Integrations along with CI systems.
  • Test Management.

4) TestCafe Studio

TestCafe is a famous platform used for web testing. It is the cross-platform that allow you to maintain run and create web automatic testing with no code.


  • The zero requirement of code has a virtual testing recorder.
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform- run testing on Android, Windows, IOS, Linux, macOS within chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox.
  • Extra tools are not needed.
  • Browser plugins, WebDriver or other testing tools are not required.
  • Usually, a selector is always generated by this tool for each page element which is utilized in the process of automated testing, and also provides a list of alternate selectors to cover up different testing scenarios.
  • In-built Waiting Mechanism.

5) Ranorex

Ranorex is an all-in-one testing tool used for website, desktop and mobile app testing by more than 4000 companies around the world.

“With its codeless click-and-go interface this tool is very easy for the beginners. But for automation experts it is powerful with a complete IDE.”


  • Reliable for the identification of object and web elements along with dynamic IDs.
  • To minimize test maintenance, it offers reusable code modules.
  • Cross-platform & cross-browser testing.
  • Testing in parallel or by using selenium built-in WebDriver can be distributed over Selenium Grid.
  • Customizable testing report.
  • Associate with tools like Git, TestRail, Jenkins, Jira and more.

You can visit their website to start 30 days free trial on Ranorex studio.

6) Parasoft Selenic:

This tool leverages AI so you can address your problems along with Selenium. That will cause you not to get rid of Selenium. It will directly operate along with the existing tools of Selenium.


  • At runtime this tool is self-healing.
  • Post execution of AI recommendations.
  • You could proficiently maintain Selenium script that is existing, reduce the time of fixing broken test repairing and maintenance.
  • Efficiently build a testing practice that is maintainable from the beginning.
  • Execution of test is optimized along with the test analysis.

7) Subject7

This tool is very effective for an end to end automated testing, through a series of different commands. All these commands are accessible via an easy-to-use website interface. Imitating the actions of users, every command height industry-standard package complexity such as Selenium, ZAP, JMeter, SikuliX, Appium, etc.


  • It provides an easy-to-use website interface.
  • Integrates with REST, JIRA and Jenkins DevOps pipeline.
  • Zero scales and setup execution leveraging Google clouds, Azure, AWS.
  • Team collaboration, video recording, email notification and much more.
  • This tool utilizes open source standards like Appium and Selenium.

8) Cypress:

An open-source testing tool used for automation testing for websites. Cypress is closely related along with current development practices when it is associated with Selenium.


  • The status menu provides an overview tests failed or passed stats.
  • Allows us to check responsive websites with viewpoint sizing.
  • This tool record snapshots of a running test. It also takes videos of the complete test run.
  • App preview and command log show the accurate automated actions on the web application during the execution of the test.

9) iMacros

This is a playback and record web testing tool. iMacros could automate repetitive work.

This testing tool is utilized for:

  1. Data extraction
  2. Web testing
  3. Browser automation


  • Automate all the tasks of testing and use free add-on for Chrome Firefox and Internet explorer.
  • Allow regression testing, performance testing and functional testing for web applications.
  • Automation testing, regression testing, performance testing and functional testing for Web Technology include Silverlight, Java, Ajax & Flex.

10) Cucumber:

This tool is an open-source Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) automated testing tool.


  • Because of BDD, business interests could be understood during the test.
  • This tool combines all the specifications and documentation of tests in a single cohesive whole.
  • Supported by a large community and updated continuously.

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