Dedicated QA Team

Focus on the business’s needs, reduce costs, and get a proprietary feel to your team.

What Is Dedicated QA Team?

Working in a dedicated team model does not require unnecessary legal support, recruitment, support for the environment, or maintenance. The recruitment of a quality assurance team gives you experts who work exclusively on your venture and who are fully focused on and have full control over the projects. Dedicated QA / test engineers take part in regular stand-ups, retrospectives, demonstration conferences, etc.

BugEspy provides mid- and long-term business relationships with personalized dedicated QA testing teams. We assure well-developed project management with fast team set-up, total transparency and efficient use of resources.

Most QA tasks require particular skills. At BugEspy, we understand the need and allocate specialized qualified experts for critical tasks and more cost-effective resources to simpler tasks, thus reducing the burden on your allocated QA budget.

Why Choose This Model?

  • You have a long-term project
  • You need to have a proprietary feel with the team
  • You have divided attention to your business
  • You want to work with different domain experts
  • Cost reduction in the project
  • You require team which is highly dedictated and committed to your project only

Why Choose BugEspy?

  • Complete transparent team control
  • Team Management
  • The ability to extend teams
  • Members who are ready for constant updates
  • Teams possessing ideal skills according to your needs
  • Free HR and administration activities
  • Constant feedback and communication
  • Engineers and developers committed to your project only
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