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Dedicated QA Team

Focus on the business’s needs, reduce costs, and get a proprietary feel to your team.

What Is Dedicated QA Team?

Working in a dedicated team model does not require unnecessary legal support, recruitment, support for the environment, or maintenance. The recruitment of a quality assurance team gives you experts who work exclusively on your venture and who are fully focused on and have full control over the projects. Dedicated QA / test engineers take part in regular stand-ups, retrospectives, demonstration conferences, etc.

BugEspy provides mid- and long-term business relationships with personalized dedicated QA testing teams. We assure well-developed project management with fast team set-up, total transparency and efficient use of resources.

Most QA tasks require particular skills. At BugEspy, we understand the need and allocate specialized qualified experts for critical tasks and more cost-effective resources to simpler tasks, thus reducing the burden on your allocated QA budget.

Why Choose This Model?

  • You have a long-term project
  • You need to have a proprietary feel with the team
  • You have divided attention to your business
  • You want to work with different domain experts
  • Cost reduction in the project
  • You require team which is highly dedictated and committed to your project only

Why Choose BugEspy?

  • Complete transparent team control
  • Team Management
  • The ability to extend teams
  • Members who are ready for constant updates
  • Teams possessing ideal skills according to your needs
  • Free HR and administration activities
  • Constant feedback and communication
  • Engineers and developers committed to your project only
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Assigning a dedicated team for a specific task is a model of execution widely utilized in the field of software testing and quality assurance. Many companies offer dedicated QA outsource teams, skilled to investigate the development processes of other companies.

We are going to discuss the details regarding the peculiarities of this model & summarize the specific problems one must know about before adopting the QA dedicated team model.

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What is a QA Dedicated Team?

The QA dedicated team is a commercial model, its core lies in offering the clients the extension of in-house groups. The work scope, structure of the team, along with the team’s payment are definite in the agreement of the customer-service provider.

Following this model, the customer could shift the attention on more critical issues with the cost & time cuttings on micromanagement, training, hiring, and searching of new Quality Assurance experts.

The group fully obligates to the requirements of the client and the idea of product and business, also the Quality Assurance service provides its managerial support, screens the testing infrastructure and environment.


When The Dedicated Team should be Chosen? 

Before moving towards the Dedicated QA Team Model, one must keep in mind the 5 signs about choosing the right dedicated QA team:

  1. Must keep the cost of QA sustainable according to the complexity of the project.
  2. The requirements of the project must have flexibility of some sort.
  3. One must have no intent to manage or train his in-house Quality Assurance team.
  4. The project should have substantial potentials of scalability.
  5. You have to be interested in making long-term relations along with the Quality Assurance service provider.



BugEspy Testing department has wide understanding in handling SAFe/Agile teams, and years of experience in maintaining and setting up effective QA Outsource processes for startups as well as large corporations.


Who are the QA dedicated team clients? 

From our experience, clients select a QA dedicated team model whenever they required to increase the capacity of their team yet don’t have time to employ or not enough resources so to train some new QA experts.

The Dedicated QA Team is around persons, to have some specialists who would be committed to that project, adaptable to changing demands of business, active throughout the process and do their level best in making a perfect final solution.

As, we at BugEspy continue with such teams that have been providing services of software testing since 5 to 7 years, QA outsourcing teams should mainly be about this dedication.


Top 3 Advantages of a Dedicate QA Team

So at BugEspy, team scalability is also provided with quick regulations according to the customers’ requirements by decreasing or expanding the size of the team.