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A developer can Test the Software himself

A developer is like a father and the software is his legacy, it’s hard to see defects in your own creation.

At times you even see short-comings but it’s hard to admit. If he could Test it himself, there won’t be errors in the first place.

Any product or process needs a third-person view to work flawlessly, like an umpire in a match.

Software Testing is just an added cost?

If you think it’s expensive, imagine the software crashing in the final presentation in the presence of your client.

I don’t think any wise project manager or developer would want to save cost and bet on the odds in this trade.

The ROI “Return on Investment”, in this case, is peace of mind, retention of your customers, improved products over competition and counting.

Keeping the return in mind, we can easily say:

  • Software Testing is value to money
  • Software Testing is worth the time

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Software Testers make less money than Software Developers

It’s true that Software Developers start-off with better salaries as compared to Software Testers but down the road, the difference becomes insignificant.

Also at oftentimes, a Software Tester with versatility and good experience can easily make more money than a Software Developer.

Stay patient! You’ll get there.

You can see a comparison of salaries between software testers & software developers in our article.

Software Testing is easier than Development

In some cases, yes, it could be easier to test a Software if it’s well-developed and properly managed but it’s not a universal truth.

Understanding someone else’s code doesn’t only require the coding skills but also the skill to find out errors that the developer didn’t know about himself.

One needs a complete command on the software testing tools and also the foresight to identify possible problematic segments.

What’s the added pressure for a software tester?

  • Patience – as you can’t skip a part of the code just because it looks fine, you can’t skip, not even the basics
  • Eye of an Investigator – More like a “Sherlock” for software, you’ve got to suspect everything
  • Foresight – which also comes with experience, the ability to quickly identify faulty areas
  • Understanding the workflow – a developer can work in modules but testers need the bird-eye view and a good one

Testers only Find Bugs

That’s partly true, removing the “only” out of that phrase because Software Testers do a lot more than you think.

Expert software-testers work on their specific niches. To debug and fix a corporate level software you’ll need a team of all sorts of software testers as this field is bigger than it seems to the outside world.

The roles of any software tester in a team are properly defined as those of a software developer.  

Let’s jot some of them down in a list:

  • Software Testers ensure all functional requirements are met
  • Software Testers ensure all non-functional requirements are met
  • Software Testers can point out improvements in user-interface and user-experience
  • Software Testers can improve the speed and performance of a Software
  • Software Testers can predict any future outcomes in the running of the software

We can also classify them on the basis of the types and methods of Software Testing, like:

  • Functional Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

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Software Testing has limitations (Not a Myth)

When equated to Software Development, Software Testing is comparatively a limited field.

There are new tools and advancements being introduced in Software Testing every now and then, but when compared to Software Development it’s not that huge but is still significant.

Like many other fields, Software Testing and tools have their limitations but this is one of those fields that plays a vital role in bringing us closer to perfection.

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