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Mobile App Automation Testing of an instant messenger with authentication algorithm end-to-end. We have all requirements for secure messaging, safe calls, secure file sharing, etc. with an instant messenger that uses end-to-end encryption algorithm. The company already had test cases that the in-house testing team had planned.

The main task was to carry out automated testing of a mobile application’s full functionality on real devices, excluding the use of emulators. Therefore, before we began, it was necessary to reduce the regression testing period which took around 5 days. During the work, as their test cases were poor, we also helped the client’s in-house testing team to develop new test cases. The obstacles we faced were running experiments using at least 3 different devices, adding a new device or removing an external machine with minimal effort, test logging problems, restarting failed tests, WDA configuration instability, and many more.

We chose to use the Java + Appium + TestNG + Allure stack and continuous integration focused on Jenkins was used for the reliability of our approach. We stayed in constant contact with their in-house testing team while interacting with the company. Our QA Manager has been involved in the development of test cases to simplify analysis at each sprint. With the product development and testing departments, they have developed a successful system. In the process of starting work mainly on crucial test cases, our approaches helped the client to feel the effects from the first week of cooperation. The regression testing period decreased from 5 days to 46 hours as a result.

1. Mobile Automation Testing
In addition to the 2200 test cases designed by the customer’s in-house team, our engineers produced more than 1000 test cases.
2. Mobile Testing
4 Full-time QA Automation engineers had actively worked in the project. More than 1700 tests were successfully developed, covering around 3200 test cases.
3. Software Testing Consultancy
For each sprint, our QA Manager was active in the phase of test cases formation.