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Software Development is carried out in various phases and one of the key phases in this development lifecycle is Testing. Like any physical product, Software products need to be tested rigorously to produce high quality end-user apps.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of outsourcing app testing, against an in-house testing team or using the same team that developed the app.

We’ve come up with a list of reasons why app testing should be outsourced, taking into account the experiences of various established companies in this industry.

Following are some of the key points that you should keep in mind before planning your app testing process:

  1. Fresh Perspective

The team that developed the Software can be greatly talented and hardworking but at the end of the day we’re all humans and mistakes are made.

  • The team that developed the software would overlook many problems like anyone would find their creation “perfect”
  • Every team has a different perspective, it’s always better to look at the problem from all angles, a newer team means more eyes and hands on deck.
  • The testing team won’t go easy on the issues, even if they are small, that’s how you achieve perfection.
  • Increased Focus

Your development team might be very talented and experienced but let’s be practical, they have a lot on their plate already and they must have delivered you the product after removing most of the problems diagnosed by them.

  • Introducing another team that has only one task, “find problems and fix them”, they’re definitely more probable to perform better.
  • Jack to all trades, master of none. It’s better to hire masters of that trade.
  • Change Management

One of the key things that a QA team does better, is finding and fixing loopholes for change management. Your development team might deliver you the perfect Software product but there’s always a chance that it has limitations when it comes to bringing about some change.

The problem with change is, it’s often inevitable, customers are always eager to customize modules and components to their ease and satisfaction, you’ve got to be prepared for that.

  • A dedicated QA team would always prepare you better for change.
  • It’s better to perform proper testing at first than spending more on maintenance & damage control.
  • Access to Specialized QA Technology

Just like a dentist is better equipped when it comes to the tools of his field, the same goes for Software Testers. If you outsource your software product’s testing to a dedicated team who’s specialized in software testing, they would have access to advanced tools and resources that a normal developer won’t.

  • Get more detailed insights about the performance of your Software.
  • Full-time Software Testers have access to advance Tools like Automation Testing Applications and Penetration Testing setup. 
  • Improve Quality

Outsourcing your app testing improves the efficiency of the whole process. As we’ve discussed earlier, dedicated Software Testing companies and teams are completely focused on just one task in daily routine i.e. “find and fix bugs”.

These companies and teams are better equipped for the job whether it comes to tools or experience, therefore letting them handle your app testing would result into a better quality apps.

  • Saves Time

Time is money and you can save some time by outsourcing your Software Testing Services, hence you can work on whatever else needs your focused attention more.

  • Cover all the flaws and improve all weaknesses in the software so the customer asks for fewer revisions.
  • A dedicated team focused on the single task would complete more work in lesser time.  
  • Highly Cost-Effective

Let’s suppose you’ve decided to create your in-house testing team. You’re not only going to have to pay for their salaries but also buy advance testing tools and infrastructure to equip that team.

The cost of building an in-house testing facility is going to be sky-high.

On the other hand, you can simply outsource your entire QA to some other team that already has the resources and the experience at a fraction of the cost.

  • The ability to perform QA on beta versions

Another advantage that many Software Development companies overlook is the ability to perform testing on your beta versions. If you’re carrying out the testing along with the development in alternate phases, it’s going to produce a lot better results because you’re constantly re-evaluating your performance and progress to improve.

To perform testing in parallel with the development you can’t have the same team switch hats, there needs to be another team completely unbiased towards to development team that constantly helps them improve.

  • Keep your Code Confidential

If you’re worried about the confidentiality of your code or your client’s intellectual property and that’s the resistance stopping you from outsourcing your QA, then you are missing the whole point here.

You don’t need to release your whole code to the outsourced QA team. They can perform checks for errors, develop testing scripts and ensure the working of the software without even taking a look at the whole source code. 

So feel stress-free and don’t keep yourself from all the growth benefits of QA Outsourcing.

  1. Avoid Ego Clash

If both the development and testing teams are of the same company, chances are they might develop a sense of conflict or ego clash. The testing team might approach towards the problem with a negative mindset to discourage the development team or the development team might take each step of the testing team as an act of rivalry.

Any company would be better off hiring a remote testing team that had nothing to do with the development team so there’s no element of biasedness.

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